Budgeting doesn’t have to be boring or agonizing. Here, you will learn how to track your money and make it work for you, leading to savings and security.

Learn how to create a simple budget in 15 minutes

Debt Payoff Strategies

You left your job but what do you do with your 401k?

Start planning today to hit the 2021 IRA retirement contribution limits!

Use 4 basic steps to get you started investing in the stock market like a pro!

Take Charge of your Finances- Printables

You get 14 different pdf documents that can be downloaded and printed. The printable includes a monthly budget (non-dated and reusable), birthday tracker list, stock list, current asset list, current debt list, 10 year asset list, 10 year debt list, password list, and even a debt thermometer to help you pay off debt. You can request for free the monthly budget sheets by entering your email in the above box.


Here are a few of the documents that come with the “Take Charge of Your Finances” printables