Happy New Year of Investing!

Welcome to week 11. As you may have noticed, I did not post an update last Friday and it wasn’t because of the holidays. It was because I could not access my Robinhood account.

I live in the Nashville, Tennessee area and last Friday there was an explosion that knocked out AT&T service for the area for several days. That means, I could not receive all of my text messages or make any calls on my phone. Since I access Robinhood through my computer and they require a text verification to access the account, I did not receive the text messages until my account was restores several days later.

I mention this because if you are a day trader and for some reason you cannot receive the verification text messages to open your account, you cannot make trades. This is a potential issue if you have a large sum of money riding on one deal.

So for the week of December 24, 2020 my account ended the week at $118.97 which was down slightly. For week 11, week ending January 1, 2021, my account ended at $123.08. This is the highest it has been so far in my account and a great way to start the new year.

Join us next week to see any progress and let’s start talking about potential trades.

Disclaimer: This for entertainment purposes only. I am not a licensed financial analyst or financial planner or tax advisor or lawyer. It is up to you to research each stock and perform your own due diligence and research. Nothing in the video or statements should be regarded as financial advice. You should always speak to a licensed professional regarding your own personal situation.

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