Robinhood Week 6 -November 27, 2020-Stock Market breaks record!

Welcome to Thanksgiving Week. What I thought would be a slow week due to the holiday, indeed turned into a record-breaking week. On Tuesday, the DJIA closed the day at the highest ever at over 30,000 level!

The market was closed Thanksgiving Day and also closed early at 1 p.m. EST on Friday.

For my personal account, it was up to $115.80 in 6 weeks. With an initial investment of $100, that’s over 15% increase. The starting point is about 8%, which is calculated as the average annual return of the market since its inception decades ago.

Tesla was leading the way for my portfolio.

One of the golden rules of stock investment is to “buy low and sell high”. However, I did not like to time the market. It is not necessary for me since I have at least another 20 years to invest. If you are looking to get out of the market, this may be good but be sure to consult a financial consultant/tax advisor/ or someone that can help you individually.

If you are looking to get into investing, do not let the record-breaking highs discourage you. Simply start investing a small amount today.

Join me next week to see if there are any changes!

Disclaimer: This for entertainment purposes only. I am not a licensed financial analyst or financial planner or tax advisor or lawyer. It is up to you to research each stock and perform your own due diligence and research. Nothing in the video or statements should be regarded as financial advice. You should always speak to a licensed professional regarding your own personal situation.

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