Robinhood Week 2-October 29, 2020- Am I up or down?

Join me for week 2 where we take a look at my Robinhood account after one week and see if I am up or down. I am up since I started last Thursday with $100. Today’s balance is $101. 77. Technically, I am down since Robinhood gave me one share of AKBA stock worth about $2.77. Follow along as I walk you through the company snapshot screen where I talk about the company description, CEO, headquarters, number of employees, market cap (market capitalization), dividend yield, and average volume.

If you want to follow along, be sure to subscribe to our channel! If you are interested in joining Robinhood, here’s my referral link.

Disclaimer: For every referral, I get a chance (1 in 150 or 1 in 200) to win a share of stock.

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